Refuse to hold back the inner truths and visions of life. No more excuses, this is it, time to be present and to embrace the future, be excited when dreaming and creating thoughts and ideas. Enjoy the creative process of the complex mind; use the past to create a story for the present and future. Touch others even if it is just one in this lifetime, that person will inspire another and maybe more than one. Play forever, in dreams and reality, to shine some light in this world full of darkness. Without our dreams and visions we are lost souls, so why not spark up the secrets of our soul and nurture the inner self. The inner becomes the outer and the outer reflects the inner. This cycle of being is one to be handled with kindness and gentleness. Go on this open, one-way ticket journey and go on many adventures as you can, do not limit the expedition of existence. With this manifesto I promise to stay true and to forever express and never be afraid to do so. I will be bold and proud of my eccentricity; this is what my art represents, my individuality and the deepest essence of my being.
The Vision
London-based Artist. Works are mainly photography and mark making, which explores movement, colours and forms. My works represent my everyday encounters and experiences around London as well as my instincts and fascinations. I find so much pleasure in my ability to be playful and experimental, the chaotic arrangements of the lines and shapes with colourful movements truly represents the process of my thoughts and energetic personality. The use of colours, forms and shapes allow me to be playful and experimental. Each piece reflects my thought process, an ongoing journey of ideas and feelings. The mixed media pieces consist of an array of mediums such as, acrylic paint, spray paint, pens and photography and graphics. These layers show the complexities of the mind and the way I process my ideas. I feel my work represents ‘organised chaos’, where I purposely arrange colours and shapes in a way to create balance or a need for balance amongst the disorder of shapes and lines.
Rachel Malli